Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Soooo... If you're in my AP English class and you got an email from our teacher about the rough drafts and how there are five people who didn't turn them in, you guessed it! I'm one of those five people. Great. I really shouldn't have taken that class. I draw. I take pictures. I dontwrite... well I can, but I'm not an amazing writer. I've realized this and I accept it. If only I knew this in the beginning of the year. It would have saved me a WHOLE lot of trouble and worry. Sighhh. I don't know what I'm gona do about that class. I just hope I can pass the exam and not waste all that money that my parents paid in the beginning of the year to take it.
Actually, I've already accepted my defeat in that class... and chemistry somewhat. What im really worried about is my dad and what he'll say. Because bad grades is absolutely NOT acceptable to him (and my mom too of course). Damn. I'm already under punishment for a month. What's gonna happen when I show him my report card? You guys won't see me for a lonnnnnngggggtime, that's what -_-

Hmmmm. So I made this deal with my fiancé. He tells me how he's feeling and I tell him how I'm feeling... like thoughts haha. And I had the strongest urge to tell him something but I didn't know what or how so I spent a while just teyna sort my thoughts... And get over them. Haha. My thoughts are so jumbled up... about guys. Everything else is fine but when it comes to guys... THEY EFF UP MY MIND!!! haha

Love is essential in this world, vital to humans, then why is it so destructive? Haha. If chocolate is so tastey, why does it make you fat? Oh wow. I need sleep or something.

Bolgging from my phone again. Sorry if some words are misspelled.

JIFLYYYYY!! (you know who you are)


  1. ME!? :D<3 LOL
    Did you get the journal and read that poem? D:

  2. yoooo. wat u doin up at 11?
    and of course! that poem's one of my favs so far. it's beautifulllll! :'D