Sunday, January 16, 2011

Birthday Wishes

As some of you may know my birthday is coming up fairly soon. I wanted this year's to be amazing, everything that I hoped for. Then again, if I hype it up too much and it doesn't turn out the way I hoped, I'll just get disappointed... so I'll just have to have fun no matter what I do! :D

There's only a few things that I want to do this year. I'd like to go to Sephora and get a makeoverrrr (yay!), go karaoke-ing with my friends, and eat at Pour House. I'm still not sure about karaoke right now because I'm still broke D: but we'll see. Hopefully I'll get some birthday money... and after getting extremely late christmas gifts, I hope I can go out and celebrate with my friends :) Maybe we'll just go clubbing ;) WOOOOOOOOT!
Then again, my mom said that she's gonna take me to a photoshoot so I can have pictures for when I audition for modeling, but honestly I don't trust half the things my mom says. She rarely keeps her promises. I know she would love to do everything she says, but if you can't stay committed to it, don't bother saying it at all.
Oh yea! And I hope Malcolm will be able to get those tickets to the Robyn concert on Feb 4th. I love Robyn's music! It'd be so awesome, my first concert. I desperately hope...

And yes, I have a list of things that I would love to get. Maybe I'll have money for them after my birthday. Or when I get a job (I am determined to get some sort of income this year *grrrr*).
Other things would be to visit Malcolm in Texas, but he's moving back soon anyway so that's out. And to come to school and find a gift in my locker. This is gonna be my last year with an actual school locker so it's my last chance to get it crossed off my list haha. We'll see...

So all of this was about me listing out what I want. I don't actually need any of it, but it would just be nice. Even if none of this happens, I'll still be glad because, hey I would have survived one more year! And of course I'll still be with my friends and family. That's really all I need. Kay, I'm off to read. Byeeee!

Until next blog...

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