Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Hey guys. I'm in the Cave at school ooooooohhhhhhhh :] I haven't been getting much sleep lately, but when do I never get a good 8 hours of sleep at night? Never haha. Of course it could've been avoided if I had done my homework earlier in the weekend but... ehhh. I'm lazy. I gave up on homework on Friday lol. I gotta get caught up because we're gonna start writing our research papers in English soon and I still haven't finished my book =X I've read it before and I know it's really good, but I can't seem to get past the first chapter xD I'm always getting distracted by something else. Or I end up falling asleep. Sigh. This week is gonna be very busy. There's a Red Cross meeting on Wednesday (meaning more paper crane making, whooo!), a boys volleyball game I must go to on Thursday (good thing it's a home game), then Thursday night the rents and I are goin on a ROAD TRIPPPPP. We're goin to RIT's open house on Friday (meaning no school <3). And there's also an accepted student reception at Framingham on Saturday. My mom said that we'd definitely be back by then so we're gonna try to go to that too. Funnnn... Apparently we're not staying in a hotel for Thursday either. We're just gonna drive, go to the open house, and drive back. Yeah. Good luck with that. And Sunday I hope to go shopping with my YMS peoples (and my mom since she said if she's ever gonna let me go on a trip out of state with them she's gonna have to personally meet Johnny, the founder and the other people... I just wonder if she'll think differently when she finds out Johnny's gay...). How I'll find the time to finish the book and write a 5 page essay (rough draft of the research paper), I have no idea. Let's hope everything works out.

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