Thursday, June 30, 2011

Last day with a bus pass and guess what I did..

I went over Honey Bee's house when he was there. I swear I would rather eat hummus than do that again. During our "nap" I didn't have a headache.. I was just holding in how much I wanted to leave. While you guys were getting lovey dovey I was willing myself to sleep, praying that I wouldn't have to see it or even think about it. And it's not because of my feelings towards him, that couldn't have mattered less, it's because being the 3rd wheel sucks ass. I can't believe I put myself in that situation.. NEVER AGAIN.

And then, when I was going back home on the bus this gross old dude (probably drunk) kept talking to this poor girl who was 17 I believe. After a couple of stops I had to say something because he'd been talking to her since I got to Mattapan Station, and she was losing patience with him, not talking back, and if it were me, I would love for someone to step in and do something. There were only a couple people on the bus and he was annoying and no one did anything. So I spoke up. I told him to stop talking to her because no one else on the bus wanted to hear him talking to himself (she obviously wasn't responding to him anymore). And of course he got mad and started saying stuff like "that's the problem with black women nowadays, they don't have any knowledge. I was just trying to give her a little knowledge" and "it's the black women who speak up that's the problem, they need to learn how to shut their mouths" or something like that. Whatever. He was a old, annoying, and needed to stop. You know, he even mentioned how his daughter was just about the same age as the girl. Ummm... SKETCH.
I didn't get any thanks or anything, but I'm proud of myself for speaking up :)
I'm just glad he got off the bus before I did.. lol.

All in all though I'm glad you had a good time, Honey Bee (I won't mention hope because I know you did). Possibly your two favorite people came to visit you when you were sick. Just please, like I said in that text, don't do that ever again.

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