Tuesday, May 29, 2012

This morning I dreamt a dream I've dreamed before.

Except this time I woke up with my head pounding.
It's an intense dream.
Giant aliens start to take over our world.
And throughout the entire dream I'm running from this one alien who wants to take me as his mate.
Last time I had this dream I met this random guy who helped me get away from the alien.
This time I had the dream, I knew the guy. It was my friend James from school.
It was strange because in real life James wouldn't do anything like that... like not even remotely close. But I guess my unconscious state imagined a better version of him.
Anyway, he helps me escape the clutches of the alien and when the alien tries to harm James instead, I save him. Then we run for our lives together.
We run through a bunch of different houses in a suburb town. There's chaos everywhere and it seems like everyone else is dead or has left.
There's a lot of scary moments. At one point I'm hiding in a box in a closet and James distracts the alien so that I can get away.
In the end there's another alien who starts to come after me too so the first alien attacks the second.
While that happens James and I get away and we run to this escape portal thing. James barely makes it but he grabs on to me. Then as we're being lifted/sucked away, the first alien comes back and grabs onto James' shoe.
I tell James to kick off his shoe and he does and the alien falls and we get pulled/sucked to safety.
The End.

Weird dream, I know. But it's awesome.
Plus, how often do you have reoccurring dreams? For me, not often.

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